"Jakub is the best personal trainer. He has the perfect balance between being professional while still being personable and making you feel 100% comfortable at all times. He is always smiling and has a positive energy towards our training sessions, which always makes training fun. He asks for feedback and listens to me and incorporates that into future training sessions, and even puts up with me complaining.
When I first started with Jakub he asked me what I wanted to achieve and he is always continually working towards helping me reach my goals and even create new ones. He definitely is someone who can see the potential and knows how to bring out the best in his clients by inspiring and motivating them to achieve results!
Jakub’s training plans are easy to follow and he changes these on a regular basis which suits me and my training style. This gives me enough time to get use to the training session and push myself to improve week on week. But at the same time ensures that I never get bored or that my body becomes accustom to the workout. This also allow me to train myself while still following his programme and enables me track my progress.
Jakub’s has a great knowledge around nutrition and as a result he provides realistic and achievable diet plans. They are personalised to suit me and what I like and dislike, even being the fussy eater I am! They are easy to follow and allow variety, and he adapted this to my life style without having to meal prep or change my daily routine, but still achieving results. Without changing my diet I would not have been able to achieve the results I have so far.
I would highly recommend Jakub to anyone, regardless of where you’re currently at and what you actually want to achieve as he is accommodating and can adapt his training style to suit anyone. I honestly now enjoy training and having a fit and healthy lifestyle and I wouldn’t be where I am without him!"

Stephanie Fleming

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