"I initially asked Jakub to assist me in improving my training program as after years of training I wanted better results and had reached a point where I did not see any further progress.The plan was a 16 week transformation to build lean muscle mass though new training techniques and diet. In the 16 weeks I moved from 18% body-fat to 9% and I gained lean muscle mass and definition.

His training style is tailored to your body type, what your goals are and to your lifestyle, you will have a diet plan as well as a training plan which he changes to suit your progress. He is dedicated and focussed in your training sessions to ensure you get the most out of his time and he expects the same from you.

Jakub always follows up during the weekend to ensure you are well and asks how your training and diet is going so his duty of care is exceptional. I would definitely recommend Jakub as he trains you for results."

Peter McCarthy

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