"Having a coach who really knows how to keep you motivated and encouraged through all obstacles on your fitness journey, is a must. Jakub Halata is that kind of coach. Not only has he kept me motivated, but his expertise in training, meant that he knew exactly what type of training my physique required and customised a programme accordingly. His knowledge in nutrition was imperative to helping me change my physique. The best part, was that you never felt like you were missing out on any food. His flexible approach meant that you had a balanced nutrition plan (without the cravings).

Before training with Jakub, I always struggled with extra weight here and there. I was never considered “fat” or “over weight” but I was simply never completely happy with my body. Now, 10 weeks later, I am stronger, fitter, healthier, and happier than ever. Over my journey I’ve lost 5.5kg and a total of 5% body fat, without losing any lean muscle mass. A massive thank you, to you Jakub!

The key to transformation is never giving up on your dream – being consistent, determined and patient. But it’s also equally important to have a coach, who will push you to the next level, support, guide and motivate you. I would strongly recommend Jakub, a killer coach, who will take you there…to achieving your goals.  In 10 weeks I lost 5.5kg and dropped 5% body fat."

Monique Char

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