"I was initially drawn to Jakub as I had seen him training and noticed his determination and focus within the gym. Upon asking, Jakub said he was willing to train me but only if I were dedicated to improving myself and open to new techniques of optimal training and diet specific to my body type.

Jakub coached me for 12 weeks. During this time he taught me the importance of training smart and leaving my ego at the door. His advice and training greatly improved my lifting technique and understanding of an optimal diet. I’m now stronger lifting heavier with much better technique. I also look and feel the best I ever have.

I never saw myself stepping on stage in front of hundreds of people competing in an all Natural Bodybuilding competition – little did I expect to come second losing to only the current Australian Champ. Jakub trained me to reach this goal within only 2.5 months – he brought out a potential not even he or I could’ve ever imagined. With both a personable and professional demeanour, Jakub is an accomplished personal trainer who can see a person’s individual potential and bring the best out of them."


Key facts – in 12 weeks

  • Lost 5kgs of fat
  • Gained 3kgs of lean muscle mass
  • Won second place in two natural bodybuilding divisions
  • Gained a better understanding of diet and lifting techniques
  • Learnt to train smarter, not harder
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