"I have trained at the gym for most of my life but had constantly struggled to find a balance between diet & exercise with my weight fluctuating. I then decided to start personal training with Jakub to assist me in finding that balance. I was immediately impressed with Jakub’s professional training /diet methodology and found him to be extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and a person who genuinely cares about his clients.

Over a short period of time I started to see amazing results! Jakub then introduced and inspired me to start bodybuilding. Jakub supported me 100% as my coach and we then set a goal to start competing in the INBA Body building Competitions in 2016. The results have been like a dream come true placing 4th & 5th Place in Fitness Model division at the INBA Sydney Superbodies and 4th & 5th Place in Fitness & Sports Model at the INBA National Titles so far in my first year. I absolutely love competing and have now found my passion.

We are currently working towards bringing on stronger/ leaner package for Season B later in the year and beyond…. the results speak for themselves!"

Michele Vacopoulos

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