"I had recently put on weight after 12 months of over indulging (wedding, honeymoon and generally letting myself go) and I was feeling quite down about my appearance and excess weight gain.
Jakub has been amazing, constantly tweaking and customizing my diet and exercise plan to help me reach my goal and lose 13kg.
Jakub is personable, professional and head and shoulders above other personal trainers I have worked with, who tend to have a one size fits all approach.
Jakub keeps me constantly motivated and on track, keeping in touch throughout the week and reminding me not to go crazy on the wine over weekends! However, he has also been an amazing emotional support when I have been disappointed with results, picking me back up and getting me focused on the small steps while keeping the end goal in sight.
Even having reached my target weight loss, I will continue to train with Jakub as I enjoy the sessions and I am looking forward to dropping a few more kilos and getting stronger!"


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