"Having a coach that is equipped with the right knowledge, and can demonstrate exactly what it takes to achieve a top physique within a specified time frame, is not easy to find. I was convinced one day at the gym, that I should compete in an upcoming Men’s Physique competition. Being only 4 weeks out, Jakub took me under his wing and managed to transform what I had at the time, into a competition-ready physique. With such a limited amount of time to prepare for this competition, I did not believe that I could do it, however, once he introduced me to his programme and demonstrated what exactly I needed to do to get there, I was happily on board.

The nutrition plan and diet, together with my training regime that Jakub had provided was well tailored to suit my needs. Being a person who could only train and eat at certain times, and eat certain foods – my diet was made easy. In fact, it was the easiest prep I’ve ever done! Eating everything I enjoyed whilst remaining within the boundaries of my nutritional guidelines, which was not nearly as bad as it sounded, as he provided me with a wide array of available dietary options. I would highly recommend Jakub as a coach and trainer, as he can cater to anyone’s goals – from someone who just wishes to lose weight/body fat to someone who has an upcoming sporting event or bodybuilding competition.

Without his push to get me on stage, his well structured diet plans and training regimes, along with the belief and support to get me there I wouldn’t have been able to place at my physique competition, having decided to enter only 4 weeks out, I was happy with what we achieved."

Darren Gray

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