"Training with Jakub has been the best decision I have made in years in regards to my health. Before I saw him, I hadn't trained in over three years and was unfit, unhealthy, wasn't sleeping well and had no energy. I have always struggled to stay motivated, but with Jakub, I was able to commit to my sessions and started to see results quickly. I didn't need to lose much weight; I was more focused on building muscle, strength, getting toned and taking my health more seriously, and Jakub tailored my training to these goals.

Jakub looked at my diet, made suggestions of where I could make changes and was really helpful in suggesting ways to get more protein (I don't eat meat) with easy meals I could make.

Because I hadn't trained in so long, Jakub took time to show me how to use weights correctly, focusing on technique before slowly increasing the weight once I had improved. He was very patient every week showing me how to do things until I felt comfortable increasing weights.

I did two lots of his eight-week group sessions, and loved training in the small groups as we were able to motivate and push each other each week. I then started doing one on one sessions with Jakub as I was going away and wanted to look and feel my best in a bikini! Jakub pushed me when I didn't think I could do more - without his coaching I wouldn't have achieved the fitness goals I had. I felt so confident and happy when I went on my holiday, and that is all thanks to Jakub.

Jakub is always professional but also great fun, he takes training seriously but also manages to make me laugh and is very easygoing.

Since training with Jakub I have had so many friends and worked colleagues tell me how much better I look, and I have never felt or looked better. I'm so happy I made the decision to see Jakub, and highly recommend anyone to see him - no matter what your goals are, Jakub will push you and help you achieve them ”

Brooke Cashman

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