"Up until the age of 26, I was heavily into athletics and did a lot of specific sprint training and gym work. I then started a banking job which meant I often worked until 10-12pm every day which made exercise difficult. I continued to do gym during this time, however never felt like I got any results, predominantly due to less than optimal sleep and diet. Over the years, my work hours became less however various injuries prevented me from getting the results I wanted. I recently did a 10-week program with Jakub which was fantastic. He tailored the program so that my recurring injuries were manageable and even improved. The most important factor that led to muscle gain (my main goal going into this program) was the intensity with which Jakub pushed me and his close monitoring of my technique. Jakub's attention didn't stop in the gym. He always made sure to check in during the week to see how my training was going and how I was feeling. He also was helpful in discussing different diet plans and food choices. I would highly recommend Jakub for his holistic and attentive approach to training." Andrew Rigby

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